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Advancing the Vision - Questions and Answers

Q.  What is the Florida FFA…Advancing the Vision Campaign?


A.  It is a long-range Growth Initiative for the Florida FFA Foundation, Inc.

Q.  What is the goal of the campaign?


A.  The stated goal is $8,500,000.

Q.  What are the elements of the campaign?


A.  There are six (6) Leadership Training Center related and two (2) separate Funds in the Advancing the Vision initiative:


Element                           Estimated Cost

Two Leadership Training Center Lodge Annexes             


Four Leadership Training Center Villas


Upgrade Current Leadership Training Center Facilities


New Education Center – Remaining Loan Balance Payoff


Leadership Training Center Maintenance Facility


New Leadership Training Center Outdoor Pavilion


Leadership Development Endowment Fund


Facilities Preservation & Disaster Reserve Fund






Q.  Why aren’t there more Endowment monies in the Initiative?


A.  An initial $1,000,000 Endowment for Scholarships and Leadership Training will give the FFA Foundation a base from which it can encourage planned gifts and many other types of funding to grow the Endowment.  The recently approved FFA state auto license plates fund will be providing perpetual funding for Ag teacher in-service and Student Leadership Development  assistance.  Should more funds be raised than the actual costs of the non-endowment elements of the campaign, the additional funds will likely be directed to the Endowment Fund.


Q.  Is the Florida FFA Foundation asking for funds for this campaign in addition to other financial support?


A.  Yes.  Ongoing support of the FFA movement and the FFA Foundation is vital to the operating and programming commitment to its 15,000 youth.  The Advancing the Vision initiative is a commitment of capital improvement and expansion funds.  We strongly  discourage investments that take away from what the donor is already doing to support local and state FFA programs. 


Q.  How does the FFA Foundation plan to raise the $8.5 million goal?


A.  A major funds effort such as the Florida FFA…Advancing the Vision initiative is accomplished in multi-faceted fashion.  It requires outstanding leaders, a committed Board, dedicated volunteers and a private sector that believes in the cause.  We believe that all of these factors are in place for the Advancing the Vision capital campaign.

Q.  Is this campaign a multi-year investment?


A.  Yes.  A five-year pledge of financial support is preferred and should be requested by our volunteers.  Pledges may be paid in any manner suitable to the investor.  Volunteers should discuss all pledge options in detail with the prospect at their face-to-face meeting.

Q.  Is an investment in the Florida FFA… Advancing the Vision initiative tax deductible?


A.  Yes.  The Florida FFA Foundation, Inc. is recognized by the Internal Revenue Code as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. 

Q.  Can investors provide stocks, bonds and other negotiable instruments as payment on pledges?


A.  Yes.  In fact, there may be significant tax advantages to providing appreciated investments as payment.  Again, it is recommended they consult a tax professional.

Q.  Can donors designate an investment toward a specific element of the Advancing the Vision campaign?


A.  Yes!  Should they prefer that their investment be used to fund a specific campaign element, they can restrict the pledge to that area.  If they do not restrict their pledge, the pledge payments will be used to fund areas the Foundation Board and Campaign Steering Committee feel has the most need.


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