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The Bath Pond Series by Lowell Teal


The Florida FFA Foundatiion has teamed up with speaker and author of the Bath Pond Series Lowell Teal. Lowell is willing to speak at dinner functions or gatherings, with the anticipation of selling books afterward, The proceeds of the sale of the books will benefit the Florida FFA Foundation. These speaking engagements do not cost your organization anything (fee paid by FNGLA).

Teal is a Florida native who grew up in Central Florida and worked in the citrus industry for years. His wonderful books are classified as easy reading, high moral content and leave the reader with a feel-good impression.  

Teal's series begins with "Bath Pond" and continues with "Fortunes Crossing", "Inherited Journey", "Promise to Poppy" and now "Going Home."


Book FiveGoing Home by Lowell Teal
Is an Inspiring Story of Selfless Courage and Life-Changing Determination Resulting from untimely deaths and the infirmities of old age Derek Davidson is forced into a major role reversal within the Foundations. The hospitals in Florida and out west are flourishing and under constant revision to accommodate new patients. The demands from the Assisted Living Facilities furnishing a substantial portion of the finances for the hospitals are ever expanding asking for more. The entertainment chores are now largely the responsibility of Derek's son Rob and his group of singers. They seem to be wearing out a new jet each year.

The books are on sale at the Florida FFA Leadership Training Center Gift Shop. To arrange a speaking engagement for your organization or group call Lowell Teal at (407) 656-4412 or visit his web site at    NOW AVAILABLE ON KINDLE!

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